Stephen Saloom

Stephen Saloom

Concerts for Indigent Defense


Thank you to those who enabled Concerts for Indigent Defense to become a reality…

Good ideas are a dime a dozen. Making something happen is another story altogether. Hundreds of people over the years have supported the concept, effort, and reality of Concerts for Indigent Defense. That is what enabled Concerts for Indigent Defense to become a reality in New Orleans for 2017, to launch the same nationwide in years to come.

When it comes to the people involved, Concerts for Indigent Defense New Orleans simply would not have happened if not for John Thompson and John Moore, and our spotlight organization for 2017, Orleans Public Defenders.

There are also a handful of people who recently came together to us (otherwise a budget-less effort) to build this initial website for Concerts for Indigent Defense for our New Orleans rollout and nationwide simulcast. For that and their other thoughtful support, we thank Suzy Snow and Cameron Healy, Susan and Kenneth Saloom, Caleb Caldwell, Adam Kahan, Cheryl and Louis Saloom, Beth and William Keyt, Christine Boris, and Richard Dieter.

I also want to extend a million thanks to the patient souls who brainstormed, explored, developed, critiqued, listened, and otherwise played a part in what is now the growing reality that is Concerts for Indigent Defense. This includes the many who supported Concerts for Indigent Defense through the initial national Kickstarter campaign (which didn’t reach the lofty national goal, and yet enabled this initial presentation in New Orleans). In addition to those mentioned above, this includes: Heather Hall, Sally-Ann Hard, A.J. Benson, Ana Yanez-Correia, Lindsey Hortenstine, Dave Maloney, Jamie Diaferia, Brandon Dudley, Scott Ehlers, Haywood Fennell, Rebecca Brown, David Carroll, Dr. John, Deena Maerowitz, Ruby Saloom, Jason Flom, Barry Scheck, Ezra Sherman, Seandra Sims, Tariq Trotter, Kathy Hart, Kirah Haubrich, Christophe Szapary, John Burkhart, Steve Lohman, Michael Kohn, Ethan Ellestad, Ashlye Keaton, Nic Hard, Anne Genberg, Anthony Benedetti, Renate Lunn, Jane Katcher, Rob and Trish Lemley, Alex Perkins, Brian Valzania, Lisa D’Onofrio, Katherine Katcher, Meredith and Mike Ward, Holly Heslop, Charlie Christopher, Stephen Milliken, William B. Oberly, Bill and Michelle Penkava, Dan and Michelle Briody, Maria Swaby, Andrea and Brian Keilty, Katie MacDonald, Adam Burke, David Lombino, Lonnie Fogg, Bic Green, Roni Zimmer, Barbara Mignogna Korus, Max and Melissa Hart, Michael Klinger, Seth Maerowitz, Ann-Isabel Friedman, Joanne and Charlie Smart, Charlie Smart Jr., Paul Bieber, Alex Walker, Scott Matson, Rosaline Cohen Benno, Jim Mosely, Kelly Doyle, Thomas Ullmann, Pam Robbins, Karen Murtagh, Ed Wassermann, Matt Morriss, Gabriel Oberfield, Laura Gelfman, Keith Al Findley, Simon Cole, Liz Barnett, Betsy Carnie, Kate MacKinney, Blair Maerowitz, Rosie McMahan, Andrew Berman, Celeste Fitzgerald, Paul Saloom, Madeline Cohen, Rory Fleming, Danny Goldberg, Sabrina Learman, Kevin Shea, Bonerama, Patrick Delahanty, Brian Leininger, Jim Keyt, John Charles Meyer, Dolly Patterson, Chris Scarpatti, Jennifer Roth, Peter Miller, Abraham J. Bonowitz, Maddy deLone, Jeffrey Earls, Ana and Dar Patel, Amos Prahl, Sarah Chu, Jeffrey Busch, Donna Pereira, Shari Silberstein, Geoffrey and Martha Morris, David Baker, Sonja Tonnesen, Alexander Bunin, Kyle O’Dowd, Angelyn Frazer, Kara Gelinas, Todd Alexander, Sophie Chernin, Cammie Bertram, Eric Lotke, Alison Minor, Jon Mosher, Fadwa Najamy, Karen Amendola, George Steimel, Rick Tessier, Denny LeBouf, Andrew Williams, and the many, many musicians along the way who thought it was a good idea – and to whom we’ll be coming back next year now that we’ve launched!

Last but not least, we want to thank the following organizations that have worked in support of Concerts for Indigent Defense: New Orleans – RAE, WonderLand PSNO, OPD, MACCNO, ELLA, and National Association for Public Defense.

Thank you again, all of you, for your interest and support!

Best regards,

Stephen Saloom
Founder of Concerts for Indigent Defense